MT VaporTech™ Sweatband Maximum Results Bundle

Adjustable Shaping Workout Band

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MT VaporTech™ Sweatband - Black (Size):
The products you need to reduce the time it takes you to see results! Elevate your workouts with our premium Warrior Slim workout supplement for $13.00, formulated to enhance your performance. Plus, enjoy an exclusive 20% off on the Black MT VaporTech™ Sweatband included in this bundle. 

Also included are two of our best-selling workout accessories guaranteed to assist your workouts to maximize muscle tone in a short amount of time. Includes a pack of three lightweight resistance bands, and two stylish weighted wristbands weighing one pound each, perfect for toning and defining every area of your body. 

Workout Band Workout Band
Daily Band Daily Band
Appetite Suprressant Appetite Suppressant
Energy Activator Energy Activator
Faster Results Faster Results
Lose inches Lose inches
Shape Your Waist Shape Your Waist

We have a 30 day exchange policy if you have sizing issues. Our sizing is 95% accurate when using our size chart. Check out our detailed Sizing Guide or reach out to our Service Team for more information.

Each product has its own unique size guide located on the product page. We cannot guarantee at 100% that the size will work for you however we do have a 95% accuracy when using our size guides.

Please Note

Due to the nature of the materials we use, our sizes may not match your typical sizes. It is important to input the most accurate information. Our size chart is based on average sizes for height and weight. The Define Bands run small so the size given may not be the size you expect.


Still Not Sure?

If your weight is towards the end of the weight range, choose the next weight range up.

Use the size chart to find the best size based on your height and weight. It is important that you use your current body weight.

If you are still not sure if the size the product size guide is giving you is correct, please read the following articles for differing body types. 

Instructions for Putting On Your Define Band

Step 1

Wrap the band around your waist at the smallest part of your midsection, generally around your belly button area.

Bring the two ends together and ensure the zipper is connected properly before you start zipping.


Step 2

Once the band is around your belly button, connect the two sides and begin to pull the zipper up.

Pull the bottom of the band down after zipper is all the way up.

Step 3

Secure the velcro straps after zipping. Do not overly tighten straps.

The straps should be left undone and open, or removed, when doing abdominal exercises.



We have a 30 day exchange policy if you have sizing issues.

• High-quality neoprene design
• ThermaTech™ lining
• Velcro compression strap (no zipper)
• Sweat-producing
• Full midsection coverage
• Back support
• Latex Free
• Unisex
• No boning

Proven to get faster results during workouts with our science-backed, ThermaTech™ technology which: boosts sweat production, provides support and compression while increasing intensity. Target stubborn abdominal fat and cover your entire midsection with our supportive and innovative exercise band. The MT VaporTech™ Sweatband can also be worn as a support garment over or under clothing.

Features our specially designed, heat-trapping neoprene material and a velcro compression strap (no zipper) that adjusts as your waistline reduces.

Inside: ThermaTech™ Middle: 100% Neoprene Outside: 100% Polyester

To maintain the quality and strength of the materials, we recommend hand washing this item with mild soap in warm water. Air dry garment by hanging or lay flat to dry. Do not bleach, do not iron.

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What's Included?

1 Workout Band, 1 Appetite Suppressant, 2 Best Selling Accessories

If you’re looking to get maximum results, this is the bundle for you! You can get our Black MT VaporTech™ Sweatband and two best selling accessories for 20% OFF plus one month of our Warrior Slim for only $13.99. Start seeing results in a reduced amount of time with this hand-picked maximum result bundle!

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